About us


Welcome to Hermony Labs

My name is Pablo Binkowski. Together with my partner Harald Kuhlmeier we're on a mission to build world's best health and wellness company - across races, generations, and continents.

We want to empower women to be their best physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And we're excited to be doing it together with you.

Our story is not ours

It's a story of everyone we meet and everyone we speak with. It's a story where every word matters because words can change lives. They changed mine.

I'm a single dad and every year my daughter, Karen, and I travel to Europe from Canada to meet grandparents, practice our language from back home, and to explore.

The conversation that started Hermony Labs happened in Berlin in the Summer of 2019.

Over dinner I was telling Karen stories about how companies get started and what it takes to make them succeed. About courage and risk-taking, and about values and integrity.

"Can you start one for me?" she asked.
"A company? What kind?"
"The best one" she answered.

We laughed and started talking about something else.

But later that evening I started thinking - what if instead of talking, I could show her?

What if I put everything I believe in, out there in the open for her to see? So I could empower her to always be her best - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What if doing this could set the example for her, and teach her my values through action? Where she believes anything is possible for her?

Fast forward a few months... I'm with Harald Kuhlmeier, my friend of 20 years, a brilliant writer with many years of experience in the food supplement segment, at the Notary's office founding a new company. Hermony Labs is born.

Our story is not about the past

What was born out of a father’s love for her daughter is actually a story about the future. It’s a story about you, my daughter Karen, and every other strong, independent female in the world, who loves who she is, inside and out.

We are so grateful for you to be a part of this story. Thank you.