Feeling tired on the pill

Very many women use the contraceptive pill as their preferred method of contraception. It is easy to take, effective and has positive side effects. It reduces menstrual pain and makes the cycle more regular. But there are also negative side effects.

How the contraceptive pill works

Every adult woman of the appropriate age goes through the same cycle every month. This is no coincidence. The whole thing is controlled by hormones and these cause you to become fertile and have your period. Contraception with the pill amounts to you taking artificial hormones to interfere with this cycle.

The hormones not only control the cycle, but also many other functions in the body. These include relaxing and experiencing deep and healthy sleep. If you interfere with your hormone balance with the pill, relaxation and sleep can also be disturbed.

The good thing is that you are not simply helplessly exposed to the side effects. Your body gets used to the hormones through the pill and adapts. Then you can sleep normally again. However, this can take a few weeks. You can also reduce your tiredness before then.

Not every woman experiences fatigue when she starts taking the pill. This is because the pill alone is not the trigger. It works with certain deficiency symptoms in your body. By making them worse, the symptom comes to you.

You have the opportunity to fight this side effect. One way to do this is to switch to another pill with different ingredients. You can change your diet to stop the deficiency in you, or you can take supplements. These can also provide you with what you need and thus alleviate the symptoms or even end them.

Fatigue - oestrogen and lack of zinc and selenium

A number of causes come together, which together lead to fatigue. It starts with testosterone. This is actually the sex hormone of the man, but it is also needed in the body of a woman. Among other things, it serves to regulate the energy in your body and to control your fertility.

The pill contains oestrogen, which it introduces into your bloodstream. This also means that there is more globulin, which binds the sex hormones. This reduces the amount of testosterone in your blood and therefore your fertility. At the same time, it also reduces the energy available to you.

In addition, the increased amount of estrogen causes your body to release more cortisol. Oestrogen favours inflammation and cortisol helps to fight inflammation. So your body reacts to a threat in the right way. The problem, however, is that the adrenal glands, where the cortisol is produced, overexert themselves and this causes you to tire quickly.

The pill also ensures that certain elements in your body are used up more quickly. These include selenium and zinc. The result is that your thyroid gland no longer functions properly because it is dependent on these substances and is now undersupplied. However, the thyroid gland controls cell metabolism with its hormones.

Due to the reduced activity of the thyroid gland, your cells no longer work together properly. This increases the energy consumption for each action and makes it harder for the cells to come to rest. So they use up the energy you need and you get tired. This also puts pressure on your mood, which in turn makes it more difficult to sleep and increases the perception of tiredness.

Oestrogen and serotonin 

In addition, the effect of estrogen directly affects your mood. At the beginning of taking the pill, the hormone level in your body will change. Especially with the estrogen it goes up and down constantly. But this also means that the production of serotonin is constantly going up and down. Serotonin has the property of stabilizing your mood.

If your serotonin level is not constant, your mood will fluctuate constantly. But this leads to you getting more and more into a negative mood, which also manifests itself through constant tiredness. If you are unhappy, it costs much more energy to motivate yourself to do something. Everything becomes more difficult and your energy simply disappears. In the worst case this can even lead to depression.

How you can relieve fatigue with vitamin B6 and B12

It is best to work against fatigue with your diet or with food additives or supplements. You can do this by taking more vitamin B6 and B12. Eat more products that contain these vitamins or take them with food supplements. This counteracts the consumption of these vitamins by the pill.

Take more magnesium. This can also be done through diet and supplements. If you do not have enough magnesium in your body, it is easier for inflammation and your energy production is reduced.

You should also take antioxidants, especially vitamins C and E. These strengthen your cells. Not only will they have more energy, but they can also defend themselves more strongly against damage. This means that your body does not need to spend energy to regenerate itself.

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